Stonhard UK achieves Achilles Level 4 Accreditation

Stonhard UK, the world’s leader in manufacturing and installing high-performance epoxy and resin floors, has recently achieved Level 4 Contractor/ Installation Achilles Accreditation. The accreditation demonstrates Stonhard’s standard of excellence, credibility and commitment to compliance. 

Achilles is one of the world’s leading global supply chain risk management companies. The accreditation allows participating corporations such as Aston Martin, Shell, Network Rail, ABB, Baker Hughes, Jaguar Land Rover and many others to minimise their buying risk, streamline and reduce cost of procurement using pre-approved suppliers.

As part of the rigorous supplier audit, Achilles reviewed Stonhard’s:

  • Level of management controls
  • Legislation and regulations compliance
  • Risk management controls
  • Quality management controls
  • Training and competence
  • Ethical behaviour and sustainability
  • Supply chain management and
  • Emergency preparedness.

Stonhard’s customers and prospects who participate in the Achilles programme can now save time and cost of procurement using a standard pre-qualification questionnaire. In achieving this independent accreditation, Stonhard UK further differentiates itself from competitors, helping their customers reduce procurement costs and mitigate their supply chain risk.

About Stonhard UK
Stonhard is the unprecedented leader in the manufacturing and installation of seamless floor, wall and lining systems and has been providing solutions for over 90 years worldwide and 25 years in the UK. For more information please visit



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